Hello & Welcome

I'm Christin and I'm the one behind creating and designing everything here at my shops. I'm a self-taught graphic designer with 10+ years of experience. I've always been interested in art and computers ever since middle school. Right after high school, I've learned everything I could about graphic & web design and illustration. From there, a love became a passion and I continued to evolve. I would create all of my own digital scrapbook kits, clip art, digital papers, and whatever else I could think of making.


Grace & Stardust is an online shop that offers hand lettered and drawn stickers, vinyl decals, printables, stationary, digital planners, and digital journals. You will also find hand drawn and digital designs for your crafting and small business needs. All digital items at Grace & Stardust can be used easily at home or creating products to add to your small business. You can use my designs to make products such as shirts, hats, tumblers, water bottles, mugs, blankets, scrapbooks, and cards. You can also use my designs for your personal use as well when crafting for yourself or for someone else.

I’m a believer in God and the universe. I believe that God not only created us, but he also created the universe that we know so little about. Without Him, we would not be here and the magical things that is all around us would be nonexistent. I do believe that we are a creation of God’s grace and the universe’s stardust. Those two go hand in hand no matter what you believe in. So here is where Grace & Stardust comes in mind. I’m here to bring these two things together and show that both are the same in many ways. I love all the things God has created and all things astrology has to offer us.